Our automation is a range of complete kits for automation control and supervision of work of both simple and complex ventilation and air conditioning systems.

  • optimized automation systems for all types of air handling units
  • HVAC automation systems dedicated to the integration of all system components
  • control systems for desmoking and CO and LPG detection installations
  • individual design and supply of HVAC automation based on design and investor’sguidelines
  • controlled have a driver which is upgradeable at any time with LonWorks, Ethernet, BACnet, Modbus communication protocol
  • complete documentation for each manufactured automation system including with operation manual


HVAC automation system diagram

HVAC automation system with visualization

An important advantage of automation kits is their high reliability, simple installation and operation and the number of unique features optimizing system operation.

We provide our customers with a operation repeatable and flexible standard which allows for the complete control of the investment project.

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