About Us

MechVent is a Polish company operating in the market since April 2007.

We employ talented, ambitious and committed personnel who strive to create solutions meeting our customers’ expectations and using any available  resourceson on the implementation of our Quality Policy.

Our goal is to meet your expectations in terms of automation and gas detection systems, both within hardware, as well as within design.

The equipment and solutions offered by our company are designed to work in such facilities as shops, offices, sport halls, garages and areas with special requirements such as production facilities, laboratories and hospitals.

They are supposed to create the appropriate climatic conditions for people who want to feel comfortable and unconfined, as well as the technologies which are expected to work in a specified climate.

We aim at selecting such solutions which will provide the optimal conditions for working, fun, leisure and safety in any environment.

While selecting the products to offer, we focus on professionalism, technical solutions and contact with the manufacturer. This gives us a sense of confidence and security of our clients who know that they will not be left alone with any breakdown problem and who can always rely on our assistance.

We have our own service department, which significantly increases the scope of our offer in every respect. Service department employees are able to deal with any problem associated with any control system.

We offer you dedicated and personalized automation systems, gas detection system, design and maintenance services.


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msc eng. Jacek Kałuski

Managing Director


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tel. + 48 500 364 303